Celebrating 25 Years of Democracy

On 27 April 1994, the world watched in admiration as hordes of South Africans queued for hours to cast their votes. For most, the event was the first time in their adult lives that they were able to place their ‘Xs’ on a ballot paper. On that day, the 19.7 million South Africans, who cast their votes, took part in an occasion of such significance that it will go down in history as one of the most significant events of the 20th century.

There's more to a race than just a win

In the spirit of celebrating the adventures of MiWayans, we asked MiWay's Head of Legal and Dispute Resolution (aka our Company Secretary), Heleen Honeyborne, to share her latest adventure at the Storms River Traverse with us - together with the lessons she took from that journey. What was I thinking when I forwarded my husband a mail from the organisers of the Storms River Traverse mountain bike race at the beginning of the year - asking "when will we do this again?" I should have known that

Riding out the Tough Times

At some time in your career, you will probably be faced with a situation that is not quite going your way. Here are five practical tips when facing a tough situation.

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