Adding stuff to your policy: easy as 1,2,3

Whether through buying, spring cleaning your home and discovering hidden valuables or checking your insurance to see what's what - there is bound to be something that you realise needs to be added to your insurance policy - like, yesterday! Adding things - home contents or movables - doesn't have to be a long dragged-out process… As part of giving you good service, MiWay has made things a little easier for you - you can add the newly acquired or recently (re)discovered items to your insu

Car insurance - do I really need it?

Buying a car can be an exciting process - whether it's your first, second or third - there is always something to look forward to. The last thing one wants is to have that excitement shattered by the loss or damage of your new wheels. This is where car insurance comes in, after spending thousands of rands on the purchase of a car, you will need the security that comes with being covered, should disaster strike. Not only is it a requirement to have insurance cover for your car before driving it

4 useful ways you can save money on car insurance

Everyone knows how important car insurance is; however, forking out a few extra bucks every month is something that will probably leave you feeling blue. We get it, car insurance can be pricey. Car insurance does not necessarily have to leave a hole in your pocket, but if you feel it is, then the term 'save money' should be as appealing to you as strawberry ice-cream on a hot summer afternoon. There is a way out, especially if you follow these important tips: Do your research. Spend time brow

5 tips to getting your 'moto' on...

Whether it's to beat the traffic blues or simply to feel the wind blow through your hair on your Sunday ride, having a motorcycle certainly sounds like a good idea. Becoming a rider can have more benefits than the obvious one - swishing your way through traffic; it is also a great way to cut down on fuel. Before you walk into a dealership and get your 'moto' on, there are a few things you need to know to help you make the right purchase. There are endless styles to choose from and choices to ma

4 things millennials need to know about insurance

The process of growing up is one that cannot really be avoided, even more so the responsibilities that come with it. Adulting*, as most millennials will call it, comes with often overlooked tasks - like getting insurance. You're at the stage where you're getting your own car, place, furniture etc. Nobody really wants to think about the worst case scenario when it comes to their valuables, however getting insurance is more than just that - it's ensuring that you have a recovery plan when things

Insuring your varsity-bound child

With the year well on its way, schools have opened and tertiary institutions are welcoming their students back. If you have a child going off to study, chances are they have some valuables that they are taking with them. How many of us have actually considered what will happen should these items get damaged or lost/stolen? Insurance is there to assist you to get back to the same position you were in before the damage or loss of your valuables. Often, insuring the items your child takes with the

Being resolute in your resolutions

We're at that time of the year again where we're hearing the "new year, new me" statements and others making more goals that fade away with the months. The beginning of each year comes with a set of resolutions - some new and some not so new... We may not know what your 2017 resolutions are - whether they are to lose weight (again!?), travel more or to quit smoking - but we are certain that there are resolutions that you can certainly stick to this year - with less pain. We've put together a qu

6 ways to get #insurancefreedom this December!

With December finally here, it means the long-awaited summer holidays are just about upon us too! Many of us may be travelling and spending time away with loved ones, leaving our homes unattended or spending time on the road for longer periods than usual. With all the travelling and festive season catch-up, the last thing one needs is a stressful situation. We've put together some useful info that may come in handy to ensure that your festive season is as hassle-free as possible: In need of ro

Sasria insurance explained

South Africa has a history of political and social activism, and mass action may result in severe damage to property and losses in productivity and income. Insurers are well aware of these risks, which is where Sasria cover becomes so important. What is Sasria? According to the Sasria website, Sasria is "a state-owned company and the only short-term insurer that provides cover to all the people and businesses that have assets in South Africa, as well as to government entities, against special r

Insuring your jewellery? You'll need these three things

Have you considered insuring your wedding rings - or any of your jewellery for that matter? If your jewellery gets lost while snorkelling in the azure waters of Mauritius, gets left behind in a hotel spa or even just falls into the dustbin, you'll wish you had been better protected against your loss. Here are three things that you need when insuring your jewellery. The original receipt (if possible): We know, your antique 1950s sapphire eternity band didn't get passed down with one. But if you

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