MiWay Hosts Third Actuarial Hackathon

MiWay Insurance will host our third invitation-only Actuarial Hackathon in April 2023 where graduate students’ modelling skills, resourcefulness and perseverance will be put to the test.

Saving Lives: From Passion to Daily Mantra

Introducing Lerato Thinane – or, as she is affectionately known in the MiWay offices, ‘Miss T’. Getting emergency services and police to the scene of clients’ darkest hours is what this young lady does for a living.

Congratulations Attorney Jennifer!

"Do the best you can in every task, no matter how unimportant it may seem at the time. No one learns more about a problem than the person at the bottom." - Sandra Day O'Connor Another one of MiWay's Dispute Resolutions Officers, Jennifer, has been admitted as a qualified Attorney of the High Court of South Africa. From obtaining an LLB, completing her articles, attending practical legal training and passing the board exams - it took a lot of sacrifice, perseverance and hard work from Jennifer.

Become part of MiWay's Development department!

We're not just about insurance... MiWay's environment allows team members to realise their full potential through sharing of knowledge and helping others to learn and grow. Where would you fit into MiWay's vision to move our company forward? What makes the MiWay Development team different? Innovation and creativity are two concepts that we endeavour to nurture in our environment. We have regular 'Code Katas' and 'Coffee Sessions' where anyone (departmental or not) is welcome to participate, pr

It's the season of giving!

At MiWay we're passionate about helping South Africans realise their full potential. Getting involved with, investing in, helping and supporting communities go hand-in-hand with the core values of our business, which is why we make a habit of giving of our time and resources to uplifting communities through projects that make a difference. In the spirit of giving this festive season, we celebrate one of our 'giving heroes', Eze a.k.a Ezekiel. Ezekiel is one of the founders of a non-profit organ

We salute you, Attorney Duncan!

The newest member of our MiWay Compliance team has conquered the challenging journey of becoming an attorney. Duncan successfully tackled all the demands that came with the process and can now take pride in being an admitted attorney of the High Court. "From an LLB Degree, practical legal training, and having to pass my Attorneys' admissions exams, it took dedication and patience to achieve this milestone." Duncan shares. This achievement has both personal and career significance to Duncan - he

MiWay Heroes: Sam from Training

We caught up with another one of our MiWay heroes, Samantha (Sam), to find out how she juggles her work and personal life. 1. What department do you represent within MiWay and what role do you play in ensuring that you provide a world-class service to the business? I currently represent the Training Department as the Training Manager. My role also encompasses the duties of the Skills Development Manager. My responsibility is to support my team and business in ensuring continuous quality learni

We salute you, Attorney Candice!

After a long journey to admission and going through the application process that is like a rite of passage, MiWay's very own Candice is now a proud admitted attorney of the High Court. "The most difficult part was not obtaining the law degree, but rather passing the board exams after first attending work early in the morning and thereafter rushing off to PLT night classes until about 10pm - juggling work and studies is no joke!" Candice says. Being an admitted attorney brings in professional le

MiWay Heroes: Takatso Ntsime

We are so proud of the individuals that make-up the MiWay team, so much so that we want to celebrate them and let you know who they are! This month's MiWay hero is Takatso Ntsime from the Training department - a wife, a mother, a student - and a team leader! We caught up with her and this is what she had to say about her role in making MiWay a world class company. 1. What department do you represent within MiWay and what role do you play in ensuring that you provide a world class service to the

FAIS Fit and Proper in layman's terms

This post by Stuart Brown, MiWay's Regulatory Competence Specialist, explains how to remain FAIS Fit and Proper. I decided to write this article as I regularly come across people who work in the financial services industry, governed by the FAIS Act, and who have little or no clue how they are affected by it. If you are a representative of a Financial Service Provider (FSP) then read this piece as your career may depend on it. The views expressed in this article are done so in my personal capaci

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