How to Prepare Your Car for Spring

As you get ready for a change of season, you should be preparing your vehicle accordingly. Here are five ways you can prepare your vehicle for spring:

What Your Car Says About Your Personality

If you've ever wondered what your car says about you, the driver, wonder no more. This is what the world commonly deduces about you from your choice of wheels...

3 simple car maintenance jobs that you CAN and SHOULD do yourself

With many businesses closed during the lockdown, now is probably the most challenging time to get hold of your mechanic.

Ways you’re unknowingly damaging your car

Sure, you follow the road rules and you pay your car insurance, but are you giving your car the best care it needs?

Commonly-asked insurance questions, answered

If you’re looking to buy a car, you should definitely consider getting insurance as well... However, there’s a lot to consider before choosing one that’s best suited for you. Perhaps you don’t know much about car insurance and you’re not sure about the dynamics around it.

Keep Your Car in Showroom Condition

While we can’t replicate that “new car” smell for you, we can provide you with peace of mind when it comes to those annoying windscreen chips, minor dents or tiny scratches to your vehicle.

Maintenance Plans vs Service Plans: What’s the Difference?

The school holidays are fast approaching… and so is your mid-winter road trip! The seats have already been “shot-gunned” and playlists are waiting to be loaded; but before we can get the journey started, you need to consider the actual thing that will be getting you to your destination – the car.

Revamp Your Car In 6 Steps

Between lugging kids to sports practices with muddy equipment, eating messy snacks on the way to school and even (sometimes) bringing the family dog along for a hike, our car’s interiors go through a lot. Why not give your trusted “mommy ride” a bit of well-deserved TLC? It may not exactly be a new set of wheels, but we’re almost certain your family will like the idea and score you some extra “cool parent points”.

7 Ways To Have The Coolest Car This Summer

What a summer! Every few weeks seems to herald a new heatwave. Whether or not you’re a fan (pun intended) of the heat, don’t forget about your 4-wheeled bestie.

Driving in Heavy Rain: The Facts

Our beautiful country is blessed with beautiful sunny weather – most of the time. However, when the rainy season hits, the amount of accidents on the roads increases. Many drivers don’t realise that their driving behaviour needs to adjust to meet the conditions of the road.

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