In 2021, South Africa’s road fatality rate was described as a ‘national crisis ,’ with the country’s roads being found to be among the most dangerous in the world. And although much progress has been made across several provinces to curb the annual incidence rate, a number of dates on the calendar remain notoriously associated with dramatic spikes in road accidents and fatalities.

Top tips for a successful and secure (festive) summer road trip

As 2022 draws to a close, many South Africans are already dreaming about padkos, playlists and a well-deserved road trip with loved ones

Know your limits: Your guide to safely navigating the festive season

The holiday season is finally here, bringing with it the customary flurry of festivities as the working year closes off for most. But between cocktail parties, year-end functions and festive feasts, it's all too easy to down one drink too many, and to turn what should be a welcomed celebration into an avoidable nightmare.

5 Tips for Driving Through Flooded Areas

With heavy rain comes the possibility of floods - as many of us in Gauteng and North West may have already experienced this week. Flooding can occur within minutes or hours of a severe rainstorm.

Friendly neighbour alert: Are you that neighbour?

Many of us probably only know our neighbour’s faces and not so much their second names – especially if you live in apartment complexes or estates.

5 Tips to Stay Safe During Lightning Storms

It’s not possible to predict where & when lightning will strike. These tips could keep you, your family & your possessions safe when there is lightning activity

4 Road Safety Tips for Women

Being safe on the road and getting to your destination alive is imperative as a driver. As a female driver, this means being extra vigilant.

The Hazards of Doing Your Makeup While Driving

We’re all either guilty of this, know someone who is, or have seen someone applying makeup to their face while in the car. Distracted driving alert!

How to escape from your car if you are caught in a flash flood

It is essential to acknowledge that not all experts agree on a precise escape sequence, but MiWay's tips are common threads that need to be identified and learned from.

Tips For Pedestrian Safety

Pedestrians make up for a lot of the traffic on our roads (believe it or not), especially urban routes. As road users, we all need to start thinking a little more about the safety of those on foot.

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