10 Ways Kids Can Give Back to the Community

It’s an age-old saying that many of us have heard or even used ourselves: “Charity begins at home”. A saying that can be used in different scenarios, it can also be used in reference to your home being a ‘classroom’ for life lessons - like giving back to the community.

As a parent, nurturing the development of your child’s character is in your hands, so why not teach them the positives of living a life beyond their comfort zone? Giving back is something that can be done by anyone, no matter the age, and may even lead to a family tradition of giving back.

Here are a few ways your kids can give back and do good for others:

  1. Bake cookies to give to local community centres
  2. Donate old clothes, unused toys, or even pocket money to charity causes that are in line your child’s their passions or interests
  3. Volunteer time and skills to a charity of their choice – for example, an animal shelter or an enviro-centre.
  4. Organise or participate in events like community clean-ups or charity fun-runs
  5. Raise funds in creative ways. Cake sales, car washes, selling handmade gifts or hosting a give-back party where everyone brings an item to donate can be very successful!
  6. Help raise awareness about an issue in the community by printing and handing out flyers
  7. Do something kind for a community member or elderly member who is unwell or in need
  8. Visit the elderly or play board games with residents at a nursing home
  9. Read to or tutor younger kids in the community
  10. Write letters or visit kids in the local community hospital

It’s never too early or too late to start giving back!

At MiWay, we’re not just about car insurance, home insurance or business insurance – we’re also passionate about helping the youth realise their full potential. Getting involved with, investing in, helping and supporting communities go hand-in-hand with the core values of our business, which is why we make a habit of giving of our time and resources to uplifting communities through projects that make a difference.

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