6 Ways to Ensure Your Braai Is LIT!

Mmmm…can you smell it? Braai season has arrived! These warmer evenings are just calling you to the outdoors – add in a roaring fire, good food, friends and family and you’ll be sure to have some memorable moments.

Hosting the first braai of the season doesn’t mean it needs to be fancy, but it does take a little bit of planning ahead.

Fear not, we’ve got you covered with the six steps to a stress-free braai:

  • Bring-and-braai. One mistake hosts often make is over-complicating their menu, which leaves little time for mingling with their guests. Why not ask each guest to bring part of the meal? Mango salsa anyone?
  • Pick the tunes. Choose a playlist suitable for your guests and the mood of the braai. If you’d prefer your guests to chat, choose a more chilled playlist than if you wanted to get the party started.
  • Spruce things up. Why not go that little bit extra, and add some fairy lights into the mix? Or if that’s out of your budget, add tealight candles to your table, and some fresh flowers. Add a little bit extra – just to make things different from the usual Friday-night braai.
  • Keep them refreshed! Make sure you clear enough space in your fridge for people to keep their drinks cold – alternatively, you can fill up a wheelbarrow with ice, and let people help themselves.
  • Easy snacking. Make sure you have enough nibbles for people to snack on before the main event. Chips and dip are a sure bet or try veggies as a replacement. Go up another level and create a cheese platter, complete with cream cheese and sweet chilli sauce!
  • The Braai Master. Whether you’re filling this key role yourself or delegating the braaing to someone else in the group, remember that the person holding the tongs is responsible for the braai – and all the tasting that comes with it! Do not interfere!

When it comes to hosting a braai, the things people remember most are the food and the fun! Take it easy, relax and enjoy, especially if you know that your home contents are insured against any unpredictable events.

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