Celebrating the Queens in our lives this Mother's Day

If there is anything a global pandemic can achieve, it's to remind you who the people are that mean the most to you. This Mother's Day is not about expensive gifts or even quality time in the wake of social distancing or isolation – its putting thought into celebrating the women who help shape you. 

This means celebrating the queens in our lives: our mothers, grandmothers, aunts, sisters and cousins. So, in the spirit of an unconventional year, here are some unconventional Mother's Day celebration ideas to give thanks - at a distance. 

Have a video call meal

Sometimes you can't physically be together on special occasions like Mother's Day, but that doesn't mean you can't get in touch. If you are all in different cities, provinces, countries, or even experiencing a lockdown, you can set up a video call event to bring you together. Enjoy a meal with your loved ones from behind a screen, and it's almost like you are all at the table. 

Celebrate a memory using online tools

Make a scrapbook, photo album, write a short story or even a poem about or for your mother that immortalises a memory or celebrates something special. Not all gifts require tons of money - some simply need time, energy and a little bit of imagination. You can always do an online version and print it later!

Use your crafty skills - and deliver it later

You don't have to spend lots of cash to give thanks to the women in your life – crafting is a creative way to make something unique. From knitting and sewing to drawing and upcycling, you can use a particular skill you have to create a gift for your mama bear this year. Craft is all the rage, so it may be time to flex your creative muscles and create a handmade gift.

Play an (online) game together

Whether it's her favourite board game or thoughtfully-chosen jigsaw puzzle, activities are a great way to spend quality time and to celebrate. Set aside some special time and offer the royal treatment for the guest of honour – that means mom gets the first pick of the monopoly piece and a free get out of jail card. 

Bake a family favourite 

t's been said that a family that bakes together, stays together. If you're spending lockdown with your mother-figure, enjoy your mom's company and make a family favourite - you are sure to have smiles all round. Rustle up her favourite cake, pie or brownie and surprise her with it. Go the extra mile and whip up a mini tea party to really impress her and give thanks. 

A day off

It may be an oldie but it's definitely a goodie. If you share a home with your mother (or your baby's mama), there is nothing that says, "I care." Serve her a meal that you have prepared for her without having to do a thing – including the washing up! Do the laundry - or mop the floors. Anything to allow her to kick back and relax for the day.

Make it memorable

Experiences are the gifts that stick with you forever, so make her Mother's Day one she will always remember. Flower arranging, a picnic, a movie of her choice, a spontaneous photoshoot or online karaoke are all things that can turn an average day into one filled with memories.

Celebrate the woman or women in your life this Mother's Day – live your way and make lasting memories that you can cherish forever. 

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