It’s Not Weird To Name Your Car

You may not think so, but cars have personalities. Some have glaring, aggressive grills, others have friendlier, more open “faces”. If you’ve watched the Disney/Pixar movies Cars, you’ll recognise what we’re talking about when we say Lightning McQueen and Mater – the look of the cars match their personalities (as well as their names).

So, do you have a name for your car? We surveyed MiWay’s Marketing team to see what they had to say…

  • It’s not just a name… We’ve put a lot of thought into the names of our trusty steeds: S’thembiso, Sasha Fierce or Tallulah… Whether it’s a promise delivered, an adventurous “personality” or because his or her colour is a standout feature, there’s always a story behind why those names were chosen.
  • Our family and friends are cool with it. Even if they don’t have names for their own cars, others respect the names we’ve bestowed upon our four-wheeled babies.
  • We talk to our cars. Yes, even those amongst us who don’t have a name for their cars give them a friendly pat or a whispered, “Sorry!”, especially after a narrow escape, an impressive drive through bad weather or if we bang the door accidently. And yes, we may make promises that we’ll treat her to a full tank of petrol - just as soon as we’ve been paid.
  • Our cars share memories with us. Think about washing your car while your gran looks on with pride, smashing out Beyoncé hits on your way to a remote village with your friends or clocking a milestone mileage of 400 000km whilst driving “Taco” along the Wild Coast, memories are made in cars.

Giving your vehicle a name is your chance to go crazy with names that you might not otherwise use for your children or pets – or it could be your alter-ego (as in, “’The Green Goblin’ made me do it!”). If you don’t have a name for your car yet, we hope we’ve inspired you to do so! Just don’t forget to treat your “Sasha Fierce” to comprehensive car insurance.

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