Live Your Way on Your Own Terms

Your life experience is yours to create. Why settle for anything less when you deserve nothing but the best?

If you choose to live life your way, then here are a few ways you can manifest the happy life you’ve always wanted:

Identify Your Bad Habits

Take note of your bad habits. Consider the things that don’t make you feel good then stick to doing more things that you are passionate about and make you happy. At the same time, choose to eliminate the habits that waste your time, drain your energy or make you unhappy.

Set Intentions

You are more likely to act with purpose when you set intentions which align with your dream, and this will help you form a clearer path to understanding what needs to be accomplished. When setting intentions, you determine what kind of emotions you seek. Just your intention to do or become something brings you much closer to living the life that you dream of.

An effective method you can use to establish intentions is by writing them down every month, week, or day — whichever interval might work best for you. Simply jot down a list of whatever you want to accomplish for the next time period. This will give you something to focus on, stick to and not feel overwhelmed by the future.


Minimise the stresses of daily life or the stress that other people cause you and get in tune with your inner self. Put aside a few minutes in the morning to meditate, or rather to do it at night if that works better for your schedule. It makes a world of difference – your mind, body and soul will thank you - and you'll feel happier!

Educate Yourself

You can never stop learning. Stimulating yourself intellectually is a great way to feel good about yourself and help you become more productive in other areas of your life. So instead of scrolling through social media and watching other people achieve their dreams, try reading up on things you’ve always had an interest in. This will stimulate your mind and it may inspire you to take action toward something you are passionate about. Sometimes, all it takes is a solid read through your car insurance policy to ensure you understand everything you need to know about your cover. Believe it or not, surprises can happen during the claims process and this is usually a result of not fully understanding the conversation and documents that follow after requesting your insurance quote.

Take a Step Back

Identify areas in your life where you can save time, money or emotional strain. Life can be stressful and the last thing you need is an added load on your plate that you don’t absolutely need, or toxic people filling your mind with self-doubts. If you work from home, let your insurer know that your daytime address has changed and this may save you some money on your car insurance.

Always evaluate what you’re doing. Only do it if it provides meaning to your life and don’t be afraid to quit the things that don’t serve you.

If you live your way, you’ll be much more happy about life in general. When that happens, you’ll see how easy it is to enjoy every moment!

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