Ways to Survive 21 Days of Shutdown

Yes, we’re in lockdown, along with around 25%* of the global population. The past few weeks have seen our social media and WhatsApp feeds stuffed full of wonderful activities, lessons, as well as local and international performances that we normally wouldn’t have had time to explore. We’ve decided to round up some of our favourites, so that we can combat cabin-fever together!

For families:

  • Makeup and hair – toddler style! Let’s face it – your toddler has a fascination with dressing up and looking just like “mama” or “dada”. Why not indulge them a little during the lockdown? It’s a fun bonding activity – and no one’s around to judge you!
  • Virtual workouts – Put your streaming services to good use, and get those bodies moving! Some of our favourites from YouTube are “PE with Joe Wick” and “Alo Gives” (yoga for kids). You can also see whether your local fitness instructor offers free or donation-based classes – you’ll be supporting businesses through these trying times!

For those on lockdown on their lonesome:

  • Virtual girl’s (or boy’s) night - you’re pretty used to seeing your best friend at least once a week, but you’re missing those heartfelt one-on-ones and banter sessions. Why not plan a virtual night out – complete with your favourite snacks and drinks?
  • Turn that cleaning party into a dance party! Yip, most of us are going to have to ramp up on those household chores. Put on your favourite tracks and turn your toilet scrubbing into the latest dance move (just don’t use the scrubber as a microphone)!

For those who need to move:

  • Cross-country? The lockdown regulations have provided that you can’t run your usual route through the neighbourhood. If you can, why not map out a route in your garden? If you have dogs, they’ll also enjoy racing along behind you. If you don’t have the luxury of space, get inspired by the man who ran an entire marathon on his 7m balcony!
  • DIY-Crossfit! Work out a crossfit routine using the elements in your house. Do you have a staircase to run up and down? Pillows on your floor? Jump over them from side to side. You can put a comprehensive set in place with a little creativity!

If you’ve got any cool ideas to surviving the lockdown, please do share them with us – we’ll add them to this list along with your social media handle, and you can earn bragging rights! 

While you’re spending more time at home, don’t forget to check that your home insurance is up to date and protect the things that keep you connected. 

* Correct at the time of writing. The views contained in the linked sites are not the views of MiWay and are not endorsed by MiWay.

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