Your Guide To The Ultimate Summer Staycation

It’s holiday time and the excitement in the air is almost tangible. People are setting off for roadtrips left, right and centre… but you’re smart. You’ve decided that you’re going to beat the traffic and enjoy the comfort of your own home. Just like holidays away from home, having an itinerary to follow for your staycation will help you make the most of it.

Try these tips out and staycation like a boss this summer!

  • Become a tourist in your own backyard.
    Sure, you know some cool spots around your neighborhood - but have you gone beyond your nearest market? Get out there and enjoy the hot sunny afternoons by getting to know your own town a little better. Check out the festive markets or the local museum - with the crowds (probably) away at the coast and time in abundance, you can finally explore some of the unique sights and sounds of your own city!
  • Just take a “chill pill”.
    Believe it or not, holidays away from home can be stressful. With endless fun to be had, food to be eaten, sights to be seen and places to go, they can make quite a dent in your pocket. If you’ve having a staycation, you’re at an advantage – you get to choose how to spend your time and energy! Take some well-deserved time to simply relax and indulge in some much needed downtime before the stress of the new year kicks in.
  • Declutter your space.
    The holiday season is the perfect time to do a bit of intensive cleaning; not only is it therapeutic to declutter your house, but it can also be of benefit to others. Donating your unwanted goods to others who could put them to better use is an easy and fulfilling way to give back over the festive season. Who knows – you may even find something that you can re-gift!
  • Try your hand at being green.
    With all the food you’ll be gobbling up this festive, going a little greener in the new year doesn’t sound like such a bad idea. Why not improve your health and bank balance by starting a vegetable garden? Not only do you get to eat your very own fresh produce, you’ll may also decrease your lengthy grocery list. Get those green fingers going this holiday and reap the rewards long after the season has passed.
  • Plan ahead.
    There’s more to a staycation than just the downtime… Use a day to do a bit of the boring admin you never get to (like comparing insurance policies or stocking up on school supplies). and get a head start making your 2019 vision a reality.

Now we ask again, who said not going on holiday is boring? With so much to do this festive, you can go on and live your way!

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