Breaking news: MiWay clients come clean about MiWay!


MiWay clients have spoken and they’ve been heard! MiWay’s compliments to complaints ratio on is a clear indication that MiWay is doing their best to bring their clients #InsuranceFreedom. Thanks to feedback given by the public, MiWay has made it to the number one spot as the most complimented insurer.

MiWay prides itself in transparency and lives out its values of freedom, accountability, energy and attitude not only internally, but externally too.

As part of valuing FREEDOM, we encourage the public to openly give feedback – good or bad. We know that at times things can go wrong, but we’re committed to fixing them when they do! This public expression also holds us ACCOUNTABLE on our service delivery and thus keeps us on our toes to always bring our A-game to the table. MiWayans are tasked to serve with ENERGY and always carry a ‘world class’ ATTITUDE when serving clients.

Here’s sneak peek into what’s being said about MiWay on HelloPeter:

We’re not only rated on the service we give… here are more reasons people are saying we’re #1:

  • We have an HPI score of 8.1/10. The HPi (or HelloPeter index) is based on various metrics (such as the time in which a brand takes to respond, the rating out of 5, the sentiment of the feedback received, etc.) and gives the consumer a holistic view of the customer experience delivered by the particular brand.
  • Our average sentiment is 4.5 out of 5. Sentiment indicates whether a comment is positive or negative. A consumer can rate the brand by choosing to attach between one and five stars to their review.

As the public, you are encouraged to have your say, and you are also able to see what others have said about MiWay… to show that we’re not bragging, just saying it like it is.

To have a look at more comments about MiWay, feel free to visit

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