One night with MiHelp

Rebecca from Marketing took it upon herself to spend some time with our very own “help” team – MiHelp 24hr Emergency Assistance - to get a taste of the kind of help our clients are getting.

Although there’s a lot that we can do for ourselves, everyone needs a little help every now and then. While you were reading through your policy wording, you may have come across a section which talks about “MiHelp Roadside and Home Assistance”.

MiHelp policy wording

You’re probably familiar with the concept of a 24/7 emergency call centre – so…

Here’s what happens behind the scenes at our MiHelp call centre:

Arriving at the MiWay headquarters just before 4pm on a Saturday afternoon, I felt like I was the only person who was at work on a month-end weekend. I mean – I’d just been paid – time to party and spend, spend, spend – right? Well… that’s what most South Africans think too. And that’s why the last weekend of every month is the busiest period for the MiHelp team. The Roadside and Home Emergency Assistance team work 24/7 – all year round. The shift I was about to join had already been on duty for 9 hours when I arrived.

As part of my ‘One-Day on the team’ induction, Michael showed me around the call centre to familiarise me with how they do things. Using a variety of systems, the MiHelp team logs cases as the calls come in, which appear as pins on a map of South Africa - so that they can see, in real-time, where (and how many) cases are happening. The service level is constantly monitored – how many calls are coming in, and how many agents are busy on calls…

I sat with Nimrod and Busi, who handled a variety of cases while I was with them – everything from following up on a plumbing job earlier in the day, assisting with towing services to scheduling trips using our WeDrive service, and even assisting a client who had been in a car accident involving a donkey.

Multi-tasking superheroes to the rescue…

The client who had been in the car accident was obviously in distress, and wasn’t sure what to do next. Nimrod assured her not to worry. I sat and watched as Nimrod pinpointed possible locations that the accident could have occurred - using a combination of various information:

  • A satellite map application,
  • The information the client had given him (what road she was on and how long ago she had passed Vryheid); and
  • A sprinkling of his general knowledge (the speed limit of the road, there are informal settlements along this route - where the donkey most probably came from).

Besides briefing the towing service provider, Nimrod then phoned the police station for that jurisdiction to report that there had been an accident. By the way, I’m happy to report that both the donkey and the client were safe!

All this made me think of the many things that could happen when you’re on a road trip, leading you to needing emergency roadside assistance. Here are a few things to take note of when travelling that will come in handy when calling for help:

  • The last town you passed,
  • The name of the road you’re travelling on and
  • The number of your emergency roadside assistance

The MiWay "DO NOT TOW" sticker gives you access to approved towing services in the event of an accident. Authorisation for the towing must be obtained from MiHelp to ensure the safe removal and storage of your vehicle – and, importantly, that towing costs are not incurred by you.

As part of your cover, you have the comfort of knowing that our MiHelp heroes are ready and waiting to save your day! Don’t forget that, if noted on your policy, MiWay clients also qualify for WeDrive - our take-me-home service which ensures that you get home safely after a night of over-indulging. In other words, you party and we drive! You can phone WeDrive on 08600 767 64.

Watch as Themba, a MiHelp 24 hour Emergency Assistance agent, tells us the gripping story of how he assisted a client caught in the #JoburgFloods earlier this month.

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