Don’t skip a premium this festive

With the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and the national lockdown being felt far and wide, 2020 has been a year characterised by financial hardship for many. But while we are finding ways to cut back on so-called ‘luxury costs’ in light of the country’s economic fragility, insurance should not be considered one of them.

Many have made the mistake of not paying their insurance premium, causing an adverse effect on the festivities during this time. Festive periods, in general, are higher risk periods as there are more people on the roads and more households left unattended. Before you start cutting the wrong costs, consider these points:

  • Neglecting to pay your insurance premium regularly could leave you without cover and negatively affect your insurance history. Remember that, even if you apply for insurance with another provider, your history will be considered, and even one missed month may have an impact.
  • Missing your premium payment when given a period of grace means that you may not be covered for accidents, scrapes or incidents that may occur during that time. The last thing you want this festive season (or any other high-risk period with high accident rates) is to find yourself in a tricky situation without cover.

Cutting costs to manage your current financial situation may be a good idea but cutting the wrong costs could have a longer lasting impact than you had budgeted for.

Should you wish to pay your premium a little earlier in December so that you can live your way, please feel free to opt in by dialling this code on your mobile *134*19991# and let us know which date will suit you.

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