Resolutions to live your way

We’re at that time of the year again where we’re hearing the “new year, new me” statements and others making more goals that fade away the further away from January we get. The beginning of each year comes with a set of resolutions – some new and some not so new…

We may not know what your 2020 resolutions are - whether they are to lose weight (again!?), travel more or to quit smoking – but we are certain that there are resolutions that you can certainly stick to this year – with less pain.

We’ve put together a quick list to get you started on journey of being resolute in your resolutions – with added peace of mind, a little more money in your pocket, you’ll can continue living your way!

  • Burn that fat! Consolidate your insurance policy. Who wouldn’t want to do away with unwanted excess and have everything fit into one place as it should? This is when putting your eggs in one basket doesn’t hurt… it pays off. Combining or consolidating your insurable assets into one policy is a great place to start saving money. With MiWay, a typical family with two cars will get at least 25% off the car with the cheapest premium. If you choose to insure 5 cars, the car with the cheapest premium will be insured for free!
  • Lose the weight!Relook your monthly insurance.Insurance premiums are calculated based on the level of risk (amongst other things), and there are steps you may be able to take to reduce those risks. If you want to try lower your insurance premium, an example of things you can do would be to install an alarm in your home to aid in the prevention and mitigation of a break-in – thus possibly reduce the premium on your home insurance. If you’ve recently added extra security measures to your home, update your policy to factor this in.
  • Get yourself organised! Start a home inventory.It’s not as daunting as it sounds! Putting together an inventory will help you identify all your valuables, their value, what is covered and what needs to be added to your insurance cover. The main reason one gets insurance is to help with the recovery, the rebuilding or replacing after a loss or damage. When you have a comprehensive home inventory, it becomes easier to identify through accurate records what has been lost/damaged, it’s value and thus what needs to be replaced in the event of a claim.

If the festive season was filled with loads of unwrapping for you and your loved ones, be sure to get an insurance quote and get peace of mind.

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