4 ways to stay safe during load shedding

Snuggling up indoors to escape the cold doesn’t sound like a bad idea this season. But, what happens when you find yourself in the dark with no electricity to keep you warm or even safe? Load shedding is a reality many South Africans can’t escape, especially in winter when there is added pressure on supplies.

In the first part of this series, these tips are a reminder to be vigilant at all times – but especially during load shedding:

Stay alert. When there is a power outage, be aware of your surroundings when arriving at or leaving your home - even when it’s daylight - as there may be chancers looking for opportunities. If you notice any suspicious activity, notify your neighbourhood watch, armed response company or the police.

Get your manual on. Make sure you know how to manually operate electronic gates or garage doors so that you can still gain access to your property during a power outage. Remember to keep the keys to the gate motor with you, and to install good quality padlocks that are regularly oiled.

Stay lit. It may be helpful to install battery operated or solar lights around your home to assist with visibility during a power cut - one less lighting situation you won’t have to worry about! Oh, and you may want to keep a couple of torches in key places like your car, the lounge, kitchen and bedroom.

Back things up. Make sure that you have a sufficiently sized back up battery on your alarm system and electric fencing, to ensure uninterrupted power to your security systems during an outage. Have your home security systems checked and tested regularly as part of the regular maintenance. If your battery signal is low, arrange for it to be serviced or replaced as soon as possible.  

If you feel unsafe at any time during a power failure, contact your security company through your panic button or by contacting the control room emergency number. We would even go as far as suggesting that you have the number on speed-dial on your cell phone and in key areas around the house, should you cell phone battery die.

In case of emergency, remember that you can contact the MiHelp team for assistance.

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