Dealing with a challenging accident scene

Our recent accident scene blog series has shared tips to help you handle an accident scene with the required care and attention. But, what happens if the crash victims are unresponsive and unable to communicate due to the severity of their injuries - or they are heavily intoxicated? In this piece we share some more tips from our friends at Arrive Alive on how to still provide assistance at a challenging accident scene.

Here’s how you can collect critical information from a crash scene with unresponsive victims:

  • Before stepping in to assist, remember the different types of consent that one can get from victims.
  • When dealing with unresponsive victims, the first point of check for identification or medical information would be on their person or the immediate areas around them in the car. Look for things like a bag, purse/wallet, medical bracelet or drivers licence hanging on their car keys.
  • If there are others on the scene, try and find out if they perhaps know the victims or anyone they know and any other useful information from their recollection of what happened.
  • Chances are, there will be a cell phone at the scene that is hopefully not damaged or lost as a result of the crash impact. If you find one, try contacting someone on the contact list to notify them of what has happened and to get the necessary identification and/or medical information to assist.

Just like when dealing seriously injured victims, special care, attention and precautions need to be prioritised when dealing with intoxicated victims. This is because things can get very complicated really quickly and investigations need to be completed. To avoid finding yourself in a complicated situation, rather contact law enforcement as soon as possible after arriving at the scene.

These tips are just some of the ways in which you can assist or be assisted at a critical accident scene. At all times when providing assistance, remember that personal safety comes first and should always be considered – do what you can to provide help, but not at the cost of your own safety. Should the victims become violent in any way, rather wait for the professionals to handle the scene with trained experience.

For added safety in times of need, get the MiWay Emergency Alert and get peace of mind that no matter what happens, emergency assistance is on the way!

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