Don’t let an emergency ruin your holiday joy

With all the traveling and festivities during the Easter season, the last thing you need is an emergency to ruin your holiday and make a dent in your finances.

Here’s how we, at MiWay, can help you enjoy a stress-free break (should you need assistance) so that you can get back to living your way.

Don’t get stuck on the side of the road, alone.
For any roadside emergency, call our 24/7 MiHelp team on 08600 767 64 or request assistance via the MiWay App.

Taking a trip beyond the SA borders?
Don’t forget your cross-border letter. If your holiday plans see you crossing the border, remember that you can generate your own cross-border letter using the MiWay App or MiXpress.

Been in an accident and need to claim?
Life happens and we know that emergencies don’t keep business hours. Conveniently lodge your claim via the MiWay App or website or use the “Accident Scene” feature on our App to capture information to aid your claims process.

Emergency Alert
Sometimes, when accidents happen, you find yourself unable to call for help. Free Emergency Alert, available on the MiWay App, detects when you have been in a serious accident so that we can send emergency services to your exact location in South Africa.  Download the MiWay App today and live one unforgettable moment at a time.  

For the MiWay App to send us your driving information, please ensure that all the required permissions are always allowed on your phone so that we can detect when you have been in a serious accident and our team can locate you and send emergency services. Click here to learn how to activate permissions. On average, the app uses 4MB of data per hour of driving, and only increases battery usage by 6% per day.



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