Not all superheroes wear capes

From storyteller, ‘fixer-upper’, to right-hand woman – your mom, gogo, auntie or nanny is a force to be reckoned with, right? Because a happy mom means a happy home, we decided to compile a checklist of ways MiWay can lend a helping hand to our household heroes, on special days – and every other day!

Here’s how our MiHelp Team can help mom (and you) keep your home happy:

  • Need a chauffeur? Whether it’s painting the town red on Sunday, or letting your hair down on a “girls’ night out” over a movie and a few drinks, there’s no need for mom to call home for a ride – WeDrive has you covered!
  • Who said you’re on your own? With the many pick-ups and drop-offs that moms have to deal with daily, any roadside emergency can be a huge inconvenience. But, with our MiHelp team on stand-by, you don’t have to worry about getting stuck on the side of the road, dealing with tyre changes or other emergencies on your own. Call us 08 600 767 64 or request assistance via the MiWay App at any time.
  • Roadtrip! Even superheroes need a break, but trying to remember everything you need to prepare before a trip may make you feel panicky. Simply generate your cross-border letter using the MiWay App or MiXpress, and relax knowing that your car, home and contents are covered.
  • Been in an accident and need to claim? Use the “Accident Scene” feature on our App to make your claiming process easier: capture information about the accident while you’re on the scene and immediately lodge your claim via the App or website. One less thing to worry about, phew!
  • Accidents happen; some leaving you more helpless than others. As a mom, protecting your family by any means necessary is your mantra. We can give you peace of mind knowing that, in the event of an accident, help is at hand for you and your loved ones thanks to MiWay’s “Emergency Alert” service. Whether we can reach you or not, we’re able to send help your way.

Put your feet up this Sunday and enjoy life’s precious moments with your loved ones while our trusted MiHelp agents deal with the emergencies that life throws at you.

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