The Importance of Roadside Assistance and Household Insurance

Emergency situations can knock the wind out of your sails and burn a hole in your pocket. Scrambling to find a towing service when your car is stuck costs money, as does having to look for a locksmith when you accidentally lock yourself out of the house.

The last thing you want to do when you're faced with an emergency is to worry about finding a service provider. This is where household and roadside assistance come in. If you have a car insurance or home insurance policy, then you should make the most of this often overlooked, but valuable benefit.

With MiHelp, MiWay’s 24-hour emergency assistance call centre, you can rest assured that you'll have timely assistance if you ever encounter an emergency, whether at home or on the road.

Here's why you should consider signing up for MiHelp:

  • MiHelp Home Assistance

If you have home contents or buildings insurance cover with MiWay, then you automatically have home assistance. MiHelp Home Assistance can get you access to service providers such as locksmiths, plumbers or tree-fellers. Service providers are also available to repair damaged household appliances. Upon request, MiHelp can send an emergency notification to emergency services (like police, the fire brigade, etc.), as well as notify the relevant authorities if your bank card is lost. Have a read through your policy wording to check what services you are eligible for.

  • MiHelp Roadside Assistance

Emergencies can occur anywhere, which is why MiWay's MiHelp Roadside Assistance covers vehicle emergencies all over South Africa. This includes towing, safe storage, assistance with flat batteries as well as locksmiths if you accidentally lock yourself out of your car. If your emergency takes place more than 100km* away from home, MiHelp Roadside Assistance can assist with accommodation or an alternative means of transport.

The Bottom Line

While you can't anticipate a crisis, you can certainly prepare for it. It's one thing to have comprehensive car and household insurance; it's another to have access to reputable service providers when you need them most. The peace of mind that comes with knowing that your car and house are insured amplifies when you know there's a reliable service provider that can be called to assist when needs be.

* Refer to your policy wording for further details

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