Tips to Make It Through Januworry

With the festivities officially behind us, the month of January is not one we necessarily look forward to. Having splurged on everything from gifts, to clothes and food the month before, Januworry creeps on us silently and with little warning.

Let’s face it, most of us could do with some tips on how to navigate the month of Januworry, right? Thankfully, there are a few ways to make it through this often financially-draining month…and turn it into Jan-no-worries!

Draw Up a Budget

Look at your monthly expenses and what your expected income is. Avoid unnecessary expenditure such as entertainment and costly luxuries. Stick to your budget to avoid going into any debt in the new year.

Avoid Loans and Borrowing Money

Refer to the first tip and this one will make more sense. Having a comprehensive budget in place will help you to avoid the pitfalls of debt because of loans or money lending. One great way to ensure that you avoid the drawbacks of debt is to prepare for the unexpected. For example, having comprehensive home insurance in place will allow you to breathe easier and give you more financial freedom when you need it most.

Bargain Shop

Put the internet to good use and look for bargains online. Go for bulk deals on essential items and use your earned in-store points to purchase basic items. Most grocery store outlets provide shoppers with cards that allow them to earn points that can be used as a form of currency.

Comparing online insurance quotes that offer comprehensive cover for vehicles, home and business will not only make your January less stressful but will set the tone for the year ahead and allow you to live your way!

Do Not Miss Monthly Payments

As tempting as it may be to skip a payment here and there in January, the most practical and best advice is to not do it. Not only can this affect your credit score, but it creates a ripple effect of interest that will only cost you more money than it will save you. With that said, making sure that your car insurance is paid and up-to-date is important. Policies and insurance payments should be made on time and consistently to better benefit you in the long run.

Have A Digital Yard Sale

Making a little extra money in January has never hurt anybody. Draw up an inventory of everything you no longer need, haven’t worn in the last six months and everything you don’t like but keep and then sell them online. Make sure that all the items are in good condition and be reasonable in your pricing. Everyone loves a bargain, especially in Januworry.

These simple tips can help to make the month of January less stressful. It is, however, essential to prepare for the unexpected. Unforeseen events such as damage to your property or theft of your vehicle can be a major financial burden if not prepared for properly.

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