Warning: Vehicle Recall Scam Resurgence

We would like to bring to your attention and warn you of the resurging vehicle recall scam. Criminal syndicates have returned to the Modus Operandi of posing as vehicle manufacturers / agents who contact you to inform you that your vehicle is being “recalled” for various reasons.

Under NO circumstances should you ever hand over your vehicle for a “recall”, without independently checking with the manufacturer.

It is your right as a consumer to know when the products you have purchased fail to meet industry standards, especially when it comes to safety. The criminal syndicates are again prying on vulnerable and unsuspecting consumers. Their mode of contact is to first phone you, then follow up with an email where arrangements are made to collect your vehicle from your chosen location. This is all done under the guise of being the vehicle manufacturer, but never delivered to the actual manufacturer – rendering your vehicle stolen.

How to avoid becoming a recall scam victim:

  • Formal communication should come from your vehicle’s manufacturer, describing the recall in detail and the processes to follow.
  • It is very unlikely that the manufacturer will send a tow truck to collect your vehicle – in most cases they will expect you to bring your vehicle to them. If this happens, hang up and immediately call your vehicle manufacturer directly to inquire further.
  • Remember to be vigilant and maintain a healthy sense of skepticism when talking to strangers. If the stranger claims to be a representative of a car dealership, contact the dealership immediately to verify that they are an employee.
  • Always contact your vehicle’s local dealership to clarify the recall. Report any suspicious calls to the authorities, the manufacturer and/or the dealership.

Remain alert and vigilant so that you can continue to live your way. Stay safe!

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