Don't 'plug-in' and drive

What can make traffic a little more bearable or make the time pass a little quicker than your favourite playlist? Blasting out the day and getting lost in music while driving may sound like a great idea, just not when your safety and that of other road users is at risk. A big part of staying safe on the road is dependent on your alertness and awareness of what is happening around you – using earphones while driving hinders this. It may get a little tempting to plug in your earphones on those long traffic-ridden drives if your car’s sound system isn’t that great, but keep in mind that it doesn’t come without consequences.

If you’re still wondering why you shouldn’t ‘plug-in’ and drive, here’s why:

  • Inability to hear cars when hooting
    Whether it’s an innocent warning from another driver or a reprimanding hoot, when you’ve got your earphones plugged in you won’t hear a thing. This could lead to an accident that could have been otherwise avoided. It is essential not to drive with earphones in order to stay alert.
  • Inability to hear sirens
    Using earphones while driving not only makes it hard to hear others hooting at you, it can also lead to you placing someone else’s life at further risk during an emergency situation. Not being able to hear the sirens from emergency vehicles means that you will not be reactive to them in time and thus blocking their way to an accident scene.
  • Rail way crossing
    From time to time trains share roads with cars in some areas and thus added alertness and caution is needed. The use of earphones in such areas could potentially be fatal as you may miss the alert that a train is approaching. Crossing over a railroad is already a dangerous exercise, don’t put your life at further risk with the use of earphones.
  • Inability to hear your own car
    We all make mistakes from time to time when driving and forget even the simplest of road rules. Driving distracted puts you at further risk as you may even miss the warning signs from your very own car as your sense of hearing is consumed by loud music. When something is wrong with your engine or with your tyre, your sense of hearing will help you to identify this before it turns into a bigger problem.

If you find release through music after a long day, ensure that you are doing so safely by considering other options such as Bluetooth connection or the radio. Should the music drive you off the road, ensure that you have comprehensive car insurance.

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