Life after pimping your car out

Gone are the days when car modifications were a thing done by petrol heads only. The thought of switching a few things up to match our cars to our personality, is one most of us have at one point or another. Getting your car modified could sound very tempting, especially when you have the resources to do so.

There can often be grey areas about what is actually classified as modification and whether or not your insurer needs to know. A modification to your car can be classified as any alterations that result in the car no longer being in the original factory manufactured state. This could be anything from performance enhancement, aesthetics or simply a functionality adjustment. Whatever the reason for modification is, your insurer needs to be notified to ensure that you are correctly and adequately covered.

Did you know?

Risk of accidents increases
Certain enhancements made to a car are usually to increase speed and overall performance; such enhancements are a high accident risk and thus making you a higher risk to your insurer.

Risk of theft increases
Crime is a growing pandemic, faced daily by many. Certain modifications don’t just improve the performance, they also make your car more attractive and increase the risk of theft.

Modifying your car isn’t the end of the world, here’s what you can do:

  • When taking up insurance or making any modifications to your car, remember to inform your insurer and check that the modifications are clearly noted in your policy documents. Not noting any non-standard additions/modifications to your car could leave you with no cover for the modifications and frustrated at claims stage.
    Keep in mind that with insurer approved modifications, once you have made your insurer aware, you will pay an additional premium to ensure cover
  • Insurers have varying terms and conditions regarding car modifications, therefore it is essential to always check with your insurer before modifying or buying a modified car.

Modifying your car could be an exciting way to personalise it and have it be an extension of your personality. However, it doesn’t come with Ts&Cs; contact your insurer before making any changes to find out which modifications they cover.

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