Revamp Your Car In 6 Steps

Between lugging kids to sports practices with muddy equipment, eating messy snacks on the way to school and even (sometimes) bringing the family dog along for a hike, our car’s interiors go through a lot. Why not give your trusted “mommy ride” a bit of well-deserved TLC?  It may not exactly be a new set of wheels, but we’re almost certain your family will like the idea and score you some extra “cool parent points”.

These pocket-friendly ideas will give your family ride that make-over you all deserve!

  1. Give the dashboard a quick do-over. Don’t let the sun or sticky fingers steal your shine, so to speak. Dashboards are constantly exposed to sunrays and other dulling elements that come with the human touch. If your family is as inquisitive as ours, then we’re sure your dash needs some TLC. Apply a dashboard wax and polish regularly. The polish will act as a seal to protect your dashboard and give it that “I’m new” shine.
  2. Switch up the mats. if you’ve had your car for a good few years and your floor mats have never been replaced, it’s probably time for change. Consider switching it up from regular car mats to rubber mats. Not only will it prevent those unwanted smells caused by moisture, rubber also inhibits mold.  
  3. Refresh your seat covers. Now we’re almost certain that this thought has crossed your mind... Seats are one of the first things you notice when you get into your car and the first to catch ALL the spills. Refreshing these to something new will instantly change the look. If you don’t really want to change them, simply have them reupholstered. You could even have foam added to plush them up a bit.
  4. Get new windshield wipers. Windshield wipers are susceptible to easy wear and tear, so they definitely need frequent attention. The great thing about this upgrade is that they are relatively cheap and can even be bought at a supermarket. Fitting them shouldn’t be a problem either - call a petrol-head friend or ask a professional.
  5. Take care of your tyres. Like a good pair of shoes, tyres, too, are expensive. However, a really good set can carry you long beyond the pain you’ll feel in your pocket and keep your family safe. All the more reason for you to maintain your tyres and check your wheel alignment, balance and tyre pressure regularly.
  6. Attend to those necessary fixes. This act of care doesn’t have to be a schlep. All you really need to do is take your car for service at the intervals indicated by the manufacturer. And if you hear unfamiliar squeaks and creaks coming from your brakes or engine, make sure you tend to them as soon as you can. This way you can avoid minor problems becoming major ones. Do regular oil, water, brake fluid and fan belt checks when you fill up your fuel so you can stay on track before the problem arises.

Make sure you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with having comprehensive car insurance while you enjoy many more road trips with the family in your “new” old car – we’re sure they will jump at the chance to test drive the new look!

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