Shine on! 3 ways to light up the road

These days, most cars come standard with halogen headlights, but innovative lighting technology for vehicles now allows car owners the choice of better tech for headlights – this means efficiency, better lifespan and obviously well-lit driving in whatever weather condition you find yourself driving in!

Here are three lighting options to help you decide how you’d like to light up the road:

  • Halogen lights – 1 000 hours of lighting up the road… yep, these headlights come with a long lifespan and are fairly cheap to manufacture. Although they are ideal for the majority of the automotive market, the downside is that they emit large amounts of heat – which basically represents wasted energy.
  • Xenon lights – compared to halogen headlights, these (also known as High Intensity Discharge) lights increase your lighting time on the road to 2 000 hours of use. As if that’s not enough, they also shine brighter than halogen bulbs. On the flip side, they are more energy-efficient because they burn cooler than halogen – but this does makes them more expensive due to higher production costs.
  • LED lights – these low-powered lights are fantastic because their small size allows manufacturers to be creative with their configuration by adorning cars with eye-catching shapes. They are not as bright as xenon headlights – but they are known to hit maximum brightness within a millionth of a second, which means that other road users will have more time to react (especially when your brake or indicator lights are LEDs).

Use your lights wisely, follow the road rules when driving in bad weather and arrive alive!

Here are more tips to keep you safe while driving in traffic this festive season as you head off for the holidays.

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