Six tips to keep your car going through the winter chill

As the days get colder and you add on the layers to keep you warm, have you considered whether your car may need extra maintenance to get through the winter?

Keep toasty and get your car properly equipped to deal with the wintery weather:

  • Is your windscreen often frosty or foggy in the mornings, making it difficult to see? Before you drive off, use the defog setting from the inside of your car to clear it up. For the outside, make sure that your wipers are still in good condition as you will be using them often to clear up your windscreen. Whatever you do, don’t pour hot water over it for a “quick” clear as you will risk cracking the windscreen and causing more problems for yourself!
  • As the days get darker quicker in the winter time, it is very important to have car lights in good working condition! Be sure to give your headlights a good check and make the necessary adjustments or changes to ensure that you are not only able to see your way, but that you are also visible to other road users. If your headlights are foggy, give them a quick wipe before you drive off.
  • Not only will you need to defrost your windscreen, you will also want to keep warm while traveling in your car! Check that your car’s climate control and defroster systems are still in good working condition and ready for winter duty.
  • While you’re checking on your defrosting system, make sure that you have enough anti-freeze (coolant). Also check that it doesn’t have any foreign deposits on it that could damage it or cause harm to your vehicle. It is important to check this as you want to avoid your fluids freezing and causing damage to your engine. The video below will show you how to top up your antifreeze:

  • With the harsh cold, your battery is sure to feel the pressure. Be sure to get your battery checked to make sure that it strong enough to get you through the winter. If you are able to, schedule a service to have the check done by a professional. Also, it would be a wise thing to have your jumper cables ready and waiting in your car should your battery need a boost. If you don’t already have these, we suggest that you invest in them.
  • We cannot stress this enough: it is very important to keep track of your tyre pressure - not just in winter, but in all seasons! Tyre pressure can drop (and rise) based on the air temperature and your driving speed. Driving around with the incorrect tyre pressure is dangerous and could cause road accidents, beyond just damage to the tyres themselves. Check your tyre pressure regularly – with every fuel top up preferably. Here’s how easy it is:

A quick policy check with your car insurance provider won’t hurt, just to make sure that you are covered for roadside assistance should you need any.

Do not underestimate the importance of pre-trip inspections and regular car maintenance checks. Regardless of the season you find yourself in, how short your next drive may be or your last service, ensure that your car is always in good driving condition!

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