Stuck on the side of the road? We're here to help!

Roadside emergencies can be frightening - and in worse-case scenarios, life-threatening.  Often an urgent situation causes shock – which causes you to forget who to phone in an emergency. However, we’ve prepared this article to help you to better understand how MiHelp (MiWay’s 24 hour roadside emergency assistance service) works.

The MiHelp Emergency Assistance team is standing by 24 hours a day on 08600 767 64.

These four tips will help to guide you – both in preparation for, and during an emergency:

  1. Have the right emergency contacts at hand! Prepare yourself beforehand by saving MiWay’s emergency roadside assistance number onto your mobile phone - 08600 767 64.
  2. Try to remain calm. MiHelp – MiWay’s 24 hour roadside assistance team are standing by, ready to assist you in the case of an emergency.
  3. Be aware of your environment. Depending on your situation, the MiHelp team will ask you a series of questions to help assess the emergency and how to react in terms of emergency services. Should there be a need, an emergency or rapid response vehicle will be dispatched to you.
  4. Need a tow or repairs? You know that "do-not-tow" sticker you see stuck to car windows? It’s not just there to mark you as one of the family, even if you do cheerily wave “hello” to other fellow MiWay clients! 

    Make sure that if you received one with your policy document, it is stuck on your car where it is clearly visible - without obscuring your vision as you drive.

    If your situation requires your car to be towed or repaired, make sure that you only use the service providers approved by your insurance provider. If necessary, MiHelp will assist in towing your vehicle to the nearest service provider or, if required, will assist with the safe storage of the car.

The MiHelp team can assist with many roadside emergency situations, such as a flat tyre, flat battery – even when you have locked your keys inside your car. If you are stranded more than 100km from your home, we will assist you with hotel accommodation or alternative transportation to the value of R500. If you’re in the unfortunate situation that you have run out of fuel, MiHelp will also be able to assist.

NB: The MiHelp emergency services are subject to terms and conditions. Give MiWay a call or refer to your policy wording to check whether your existing MiWheels cover allows you to enjoy the MiHelp service.

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