Would you like a sunroof with that?

You’ve decided that it’s finally time for your beloved jalopy to retire, and you’re at your local car dealership. The new baby you’ve just decided on is already near perfect, but the salesman asks you an almost rhetorical question – “would you like improved sound with it?" The amount of optional extras now laid down as preferences with which you can add personality to your entry-level car are dizzying.

Apparently it can be more economical to purchase these extra features in the form of a package… but what exactly do the various car packages mean? We break it down:

A cosmetic package may include options like:

  • Paint options: Choose a matte finish or a pearlescent glow – what will make your baby noticed?
  • Because the inside of your ride is just as important as the outside, you may have the option of going for leather upholstery.
  • Going for a convertible? You may be able to choose between a hard- or soft-top roof!

A cold-weather package would include luxuries such as:

  • Climate control – nothing like a car with a stable and comfortable temperature.
  • Heated seats to warm you up quick in the colder weather and keep you warmer for longer.
  • Headlight washers – lights that wash themselves for your safety… one less thing to worry about!
  • All-weather floor mats - so there’s no slipping when you get into and out of your car, and no dirt transfer to the upholstery during muddy season!

A performance (or sports) package would include go-faster options such as:

  • Better engine power and torque
  • Turbocharger
  • Larger gearbox
  • Better exhaust system (vroom, vroom!)
  • Body cosmetics to make the car’s appearance suit its performance – including a special badge, spoilers, bonnet airdam, etc.
  • This is a petrol-head’s ideal package!

When you’re organising your insurance for your new car, remember to specify any non-standard factory-fitted accessories that you added to your car – this will be an additional cover to ensure that your baby’s accessories are covered too.

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