Your 4-wheeled metallic personality extension

Does your ride scream “Get out of the way, I’m better than you” or “Stay in your lane and allow me to blend in”?

A car is an extension of your personality and is your personal brand. What you drive is your message to the world of other drivers, pedestrians - or anyone who sees your car, really. If you haven’t yet bought a car or are deciding on what to change over to, consider what it is going to say about you.

Here are some (tongue-in-cheek) statements you could be making on the road:

  • Sedan: You’re probably more about practicality, dependability and safety over the social status that comes with having a car. You are looking forward to actually paying off your car ASAP… and you’ve probably considered carpooling too right?
  • Convertible: You want to feel alive as the wind blows through your hair. You want the speed and the experience that comes with it – the feeling of freedom.
  • Hybrid: Not only do you care about the environment, but you want people to know that you care about it! You’re probably also conscious about what it takes to run a car… both financially and in terms of harmful substances.
  • Wagons and Minivans: The station wagon, as it famously called, simply says you’re family oriented and you care about your space. Depending on the manufacturer, you also want to look good while transporting the kids.
  • SUV: Power and taking charge is what you’re about. You want to be higher up and be able to look over whatever is happening on the road around you.
  • Muscle Cars and Supercars: Not only do you love the mechanics of automotives, but you have the pocket to live it out too. You can afford to go big with your love for cars. Or maybe you just want to look cool?
  • Sports car: You don’t just want to be on the road, you want to feel the road and be one with it. Driving is more than just something you do to get around – it’s a lifestyle!

There are so many different makes and models of cars out there, each carrying their own statement to the world. Whether you want to or not, your car will most likely get someone talking and stir up some sort of attention. Consider all features of your new baby, like trim levels (which can play a huge role in customising your experience with your 4-wheeled baby). Keep an eye out for our next piece on just that.

Try this quiz and find out what could be said about your metallic personality extension.

At the end of the day, buy what you can afford and to serve your travelling needs. And don’t forget to budget for your car insurance! To get a free car insurance quote, just answer five easy questions. Once you’re covered, you’re all set to enjoy #insurancefreedom!

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