6 Surprising Ways To Create More Space In Your Home

Of course, you love your home no matter how small it is but, deep down, chances are that you dread living in a cramped space. You would love more space for more fresh air, easier movement, and for increased functionality. Besides, it is a proven fact that limited spaces can have adverse effects on your mental health and general wellbeing. The good thing is that you can always increase the amount of functional space in your home - regardless of its size.

Creating more space in your home can be as simple as creating additional storage, decluttering, choosing the right furniture, repurposing wasted areas, replacing standard doors with sliding doors, multi-purposing rooms, or getting rid of the TV stand.

If you are craving more space in your home, here are 6 surprising ways to achieve your goal.

  1. Build extra storage areas - If you are like most people who keep acquiring new stuff (without getting rid of the older items), you probably have run out of space to store your paraphernalia. Your family may also have outgrown the currently available storage areas.

    Build more storage areas to accommodate the extra items. Here are a few ways to achieve this.
    • Add more cabinets to the rooms. To make your work easier, consider investing in ready-to-assemble cabinets. They come with a manual for easy installation. You probably will need minor carpentry skills to get the job done, but you don’t have to be an expert.
    • Make use of high ceilings by building a loft to serve as an extra storage area. You can also install floor-to-ceiling shelving or hanging units.
    • Stack storage containers with rarely used items under the bed. Alternatively, install under-bed drawers to store the extra items.
  1. Declutter - The alternative of building more storage for your extra items is getting rid of those things that you rarely use. Get down to thoroughly doing an examination of your home starting with books, clothes and furniture. If you can’t justify why an item is in your home, the best thing is to remove it.

    Use the opportunity to donate those that can be reused, or sell them to make an extra buck.
  1. Make rooms multi-functional - Having separate rooms for every function feels great. However, if you want to create extra space, you might need to rethink combining a few functions into one room. For instance, your home office can be turned to an extra bedroom, while you take your work to the master bedroom. You can also invest in a sofa bed that allows for extra sleeping space at night. Your living room can serve as the kids’ playroom. You only need to ensure you have a place to neatly store the toys after use!
  2. Use sliding doors - If you dread squeezing behind an open door, or your door opening half way, then it is time you got rid of your standard doors.

    You may ignore the space it takes up now, but replacing them with sliding doors which take up minimal space can go a long way in making a room feel more spacious.
  1. Choose the right furniture - Oversized furniture mayappeal to you, but if it is going to take up a large area in your small living space, then it isn’t ideal.

    Choosing the right furniture for a small space goes a long way in freeing up a lot of space. For instance, having a dining table in a small kitchen will take a lot of cooking space. On the other hand, using bar stools will free up this area for your movements. You can also opt for folding chairs that you can stack away after use.
  2. Ditch the TV stand for a wall mount - You might love your TV stand, but, have you ever assessed the amount of space it has taken? It may seem insignificant (especially if you have sentimental value attachedto the stand), but it is enough to make a cramped area spacious. Thankfully, there are alternatives that take no floor space. Consider mounting the TV on the wall. In addition to adding space, it will be safer - especially if you have young kids running around.

There are so many ways to create more space in a home - the above  ideas are just a starting point. While you’re creating more space in your household, make sure that you have comprehensive home insurance. Think innovatively, and you may have a whole new floorspace to play in!

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