Avoid these home décor blunders

Decorating your home is an unforgettable moment – one that many people can't wait to experience. The process of furnishing a room is an expression of our personality, and it's a creative outlet that makes your space truly your own. Your home is a way to express your true self and to live your way

But we don’t always get it right, and you’ll notice that something looks off in a space and you can't quite understand what it is. Here are some common décor blunders that could be the root of your problem, or something to avoid in the future.  

  • Undersized rugs 
    Area rugs should do what the name suggests and cover an area. Rugs that are too small can make the room look smaller and out of balance. When choosing area rugs, rather go too big than too small, making sure all your furniture fits over it rather than skirts it. Often people place an undersized rug in the centre of a space which makes it look like a focus piece rather than simply an accent, which a rug should be. Form should always follow function.  
  • Wrong length and volume of curtains 
    There is nothing worse than curtains that are too short, too long or too narrow for the window they hang on. Curtains that are too short can make the room look awkward and cut its height in half, whereas curtains that are too long look like oversized clothes. Finally, not having enough volume in curtain fabric (or skinny curtains) can make your windows look insubstantial. So make sure to put at least enough width to cover the window and then some – no gaps, no excuses. Ensure your curtains fit your windows correctly to avoid making the space look off.  
  • Decorating around the TV
    Sure you love the television set, and it may even be the entertainment hub of your home, but it is not a décor point. So placing things such as paintings, vases, shelves and even furniture around the TV to accentuate it is a big no-no. Instead, allow the space around your TV to flow and let the area serve its purpose rather than as a frame. It's okay for you to have shelves that are next to the television that make space for remotes, plants and even books. But let the function of the area live as you do, rather than trying to display the TV artificially.  
  • Meaningless décor 
    Not everything that's beautiful needs to have a function, but, by the same token, things that you keep in your home should have meaning. Rather than trying to create a style by placing pieces to fill space, gather and collect items for your home that make you happy and speak to who you are. These small details in your home illustrate your journey and show the character of the people who live in it. So, take the time to curate your space even if it means a bare wall or empty coffee table for a while. 

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