Claiming after a natural disaster: do it the right way

Disaster can strike at any minute and there are only so many precautionary measures one can take to minimise the loss or damage. Having home insurance means added security for you in your unexpected time of need. When mother nature strikes, you will have a shoulder to turn to without financially crippling yourself.

Here are guidelines to help you claim in times of need:

  • Contact your service provider.
    Mother nature’s ambush is often unavoidable; should you find yourself stranded it is wise to contact your service provider and inform them about the damage done to your home and contents. The consultant assisting you will further guide you as well as let you know which documents are required to start with the claiming process. With MiWay, you can handle your insurance claim your way by submitting your claim online or using our mobile App.
  • Gather and document all evidence.
    The first thing that comes to mind after a mess is “clean-up”, but before you put on your cleaning gloves ensure that as much evidence as possible is captured to support your claim. Your evidence can be documented in the form of images or a video that clearly shows the extent of the damage caused by mother nature. Note that every piece of evidence is important so do not throw anything away.
  • Expect a visit from an insurance assessor.
    Once you’ve submitted your claim, an assessor will pay you a visit to inspect and review the extent of the damages to your home and contents. An assessment report will then be provided to your insurer in order to validate your claim. Your insurer will then inform you of the status of your claim and how much will be paid out in the event that it is approved.

As heart-breaking as it is to watch all your valuables being destroyed, knowing that your home contents are covered offloads tons of baggage on your shoulders. For a pain-free insurance claim, ensure that you contact your insurer as soon as possible and disclose everything. Co-operating with the consultant assisting you will make your claims process quicker and easier. To get your home and all its contents covered adequately, get an obligation-free quote.

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