Essential tips and tricks for meal-prepping

We get it - life is hectic! I You're making dinner, while supervising homework, while catching up on social media - and keeping an eye on the baby which has just learnt to crawl. You've probably heard about meal-prepping, but always wondered where and how to go about it.

A wholesome and hearty meal does not always require much effort. There are dishes that can be prepared in a short time with just a few tips and tricks.  

  • Go raw – and save time!
    Raw food, such as  salads, fresh fruit or grains served as a meal are easy ways to boost your immune system and add rich nutrients to your diet.
  • Bulk up !
    Buying in bulk is a cheaper way to stock up on foods and use them in recipes for the future. Foods like  pastas, canned sauces and dry beans are great to keep in storage during the year and can be combined to make an excellent pasta dish. To extend the shelf life of your other foods, try freezing or keeping them in airtight containers once opened.
  • Cook with the season!
    Buying local, in-season, organic ingredients is a way to bring fresh foods into your kitchen which will ultimately affect the taste of the meals you prepare. Finding the right seasoning for each of your ingredients will also help enhance its flavours.

Preparing quick foods for the moment or to last a few days is a simple task if scheduled ahead. Although these tricks are seemingly quick, a few minutes of quality time are needed to make them work. A quick and quality meal on the go is sure to increase your energy levels and prepare you for any task you have. 

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