How to prevent burns, scrapes and scratches around the home

While it may seem impossible to completely protect your family from burns, scrapes and scratches, there are ways in which to minimise or prevent the incidence of injury without placing them in a protective bubble!

In the kitchen:

Hot water, steam and heat burns are often the cause of much calamity, especially when the burn victim is a child. However, burns are very often preventable when parents are supervising their children in the kitchen.  If you are cooking, be sure to turn pan handles inwards to prevent a curious toddler from knocking down a pan or pot of hot food.

The best way in which to avoid scrapes and scratches is to ensure that your kitchen has been child-proofed to the point where they cannot open up any draws or cupboards without help. Don’t leave your toddler unattended on the kitchen counter as he or she will be tempted to put his or her fingers into food, plug points, cupboard doors – or even fall off the counter.

In the garden:

We believe that outside play is an imperative part of childhood, and adults enjoy should their gardens too! When cleaning up your garden, it is important to ensure that all safety hazards are packed away or covered up. This could be anything from a hosepipe to sprinklers that need to be removed in order to avoid a nasty fall. If you scope out your garden and notice that there are a number of safety concerns, be sure to pick up, throw away, remove and pack away these items before your family heads outside to spend time in the sunshine. 

In the garage:

While the garage is usually home turf for tinkering men and their sons, it is important to ensure that they are protected from obstacles and safety hazards. If there are chemicals, flammable materials, chain saws, bow saws, nails and hammers that are in reach, it is important to ensure that they are out of the way of curious hands. In an effort to ensure complete safety, encourage your partner to invest in safety gear that will protect him or her from burns, scrapes or scratches. It is also important to ensure that, if your children are playing in the garage, that they do so with parental supervision.

When it comes to safety, it always pays to be prepared. While you’re at it, you might also want to safeguard the contents of your home, along with your house itself, with the help of reliable home insurance. It is always better to be safe rather than sorry, after all!

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