Locked out... and locked up: arrested for breaking into their own homes!

We all know that dreaded feeling – realising that you have locked yourself out of your own home.

Unless you are prepared to foot the bill for a professional locksmith, there really is only one other option available to you… breaking in! Unfortunately, this might not go according to plan. Here are two true stories about people who have done exactly that – and been arrested for it.

Henry Louis Gates 

In 2009, respected Harvard professor, Henry Louis Gates, was returning to his home in Massachusetts after a trip to China. Upon arrival at his house, he noticed a certain amount of damage to the front door – damage that made it impossible to unlock with his key. Luckily, he had the option of entering his home through the back door. After disabling the alarm, he returned to his front door and, with the help of another man, tried to push it open. This was seen by a passer-by who inevitably called the cops. After trying to explain the situation, Gates was swiftly arrested and held at the local police station for a good few hours before finally being released. Read more about the story here.

DeShawn Currie

A few years ago in 2014, an 18 year old black teenager, DeShawn Currie, who was being fostered by a white family in North Carolina, was making his way home. He entered the house through a side door as opposed to the front door, quickly arousing suspicion among a few passers-by. In a matter of minutes, the young man was confronted by policemen who were under the impression that he was a burglar. After noticing the photographs of his white siblings scattered around the house, they were very quick to doubt DeShawn’s story when he tried to explain the details of the situation. After getting frustrated with the cops, and becoming slightly threatening according to the policemen, DeShawn was promptly pepper-sprayed and arrested. Once his foster parents got in touch with the police, he was swiftly released from custody and chose not to file charges. Read more about DeShawn’s experience here.

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