Making Your Home A Dust-Free Zone

The winds of change are blowing in a new season and ushering out the darker winter days. The air smells spring-fresh… and it’s the perfect time to get last season’s dust out of your home.  

Freshen up your home, starting with these quick tips.

  • Beat that mat. Your doormat catches a lot of loose dirt and dust before it gets onto your floor. At least once a month, reward your hard-working welcome mat with a good beating and firm sweep. Involve the kids too – they’ll enjoy it!
  • Clean those filters. You may not be fully aware, but several things in your home have dust-catching filters that need to be cleaned out often, such as tumble dryers, humidifiers or air-conditioners. Gear up your spring cleaning by checking the filters on these appliances and replacing them if necessary. Don’t forget to keep an eye out for dust trapped on the blades of fans too.
  • Purify the air.Atchoo! If you have allergies, investing in an air purifier (or two, if budget allows) could just be the trick to not breathing in dusty or pollinated air.
  • Wipe down those cupboard shelves. It may not be the most obvious thing to think about, but your cupboards are also dust magnets! Unpack each shelf and give it a wipe before repacking it.
  • Pamper your furry friends. If you have pets in your home, a regular brushing will go a long way in lessening the dust they bring in to your home. Spend some quality time grooming their hair – just make sure it’s happening outside, else you’ll be spreading the dust further!

Whether you’re repacking cupboards and discovering hidden treasures, or investing in a new air filter so that you can sleep better at night, ensure that your valuables are adequately covered under your home insurance. Have a wonderful spring!

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