Speed-Clean Your Home With A Little Help

Pack away those cold-season gadgets, it’s time to bring the spring back into your home! Over the last few months, you’ve probably neglected a few areas of your home to huddle up and keep warm, but change has come and its time to get your home ready for the fun times too.

Spring is an exciting season to #LiveYourWay, more so with the flowers blooming and the sun shining brighter.

Get your home to follow suit with these speed-cleaning tips:

  • Plan your moves – the last thing you want to do is bounce between rooms,  forgetting to go back for a clean finish. Plan your cleaning according to the rooms that need attention and only move to the next room when you’re done and dusted in the one and ready for the next step. If you’ve collected items that need to switch rooms, bundle them accordingly and take along with you as you move through the house.
  • Get your tools ready – now that you have your cleaning mapped out, avoid carrying around extra weight by getting your cleaning tools and products ready for each zone. Allocate the necessary resources to the relevant areas and only move around with your magic cloth and that all-purpose product that will take care of most of your cleaning needs.
  • Set a timer – add an element of fun and make it an amazing race to a clean treat – a shiny home. Set a timer for yourself and challenge yourself to see how much you can get through in the allocated time – don’t skimp on the cleaning though.
  • Get the jams pumping – of course, we couldn’t leave out the music. What better way to get your energy going and the mood set than with a carefully curated playlist? Get your favourite tunes lined up – the faster the tempo, the better (or so they say…). Here are some suggestions from our friends to help you get your playlist started:
    • Almost anything by Aretha Franklin will do!
    • Goldlink ft Maleek Berry - Zulu Screams
    • Chris Brown ft Drake - No Guidance
    • Lizzo - Truth Hurts
    • Natasha Bedingfield – Unwritten or These Words
    • Rachel Platten - Fight Song
    • Andra Day - Rise Up
    • Aya Mmpama - As a Woman
    • Whitney Huston - I Am Every Woman
    • India Arie - Worthy
    • Beyoncé - Brown Skin Girl or Who Runs the World
    • Destiny's child – Survivor or Independent Women
    • Keri Hilson - Pretty Girl Rock

Getting your home ready for the new season can be done in many ways; we’re simply helping you get started on the journey. Speed-cleaning is about get your home looking fresh in a fraction of the time it would usually take, not necessarily about rearranging your furniture and organising the cupboards. With the right planning, tools and tunes in hand your home will be ready in no time!

While giving your home that extra spring in its step, you could possibly come across some new items you may have forgotten to add to your home insurance policy – another opportunity for you to spring clean your insurance.

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