Stay-cation like a boss!

The festive season has finally come our way, meaning many people will be flocking off to the beach and other destinations for the holidays.

As fun as travelling sounds, if you’ve travelled away from home during this time then you will know that it isn’t always as relaxing as you thought it would be. If you would much rather trade in the crowded beaches, lengthy queues and under-stocked supermarket aisles for a more chilled out time at home, then why not?!

Not only does some good old-fashioned downtime do well for the soul, but it also affords you an ideal opportunity to catch up on all that home admin that tends to fall to the bottom of the to-do list during busier seasons. The last thing you want is something that can quickly hammer a dent into that highly sought-after festive feeling, and leave you feeling more stressed than rested in January.

Here’s how to get the most out of your at-home holiday break:

Plan a DIY mission:

That new coat of paint you’ve been meaning to apply or that room extension that somehow hasn’t happened can now find its way to the top of your priority list. Staying home this festive season means you’ll have the perfect opportunity to give your home the attention it deserves, patch up niggling issues and take the time to plan those add-ons that have never evolved beyond the intention stage. Whatever you do, leave the bigger jobs to professionals and avoid creating bigger problems.

Get gardening:

If you’re going to be home for the holidays and have a garden, chances are you will be hosting a few friends or spending some time enjoying the sun. Why not create your perfect garden and start 2017 off on a perfect-garden note - or better yet, a healthy and economical one by starting your own vegetable garden? This way, you may expand the repertoire of your menu, save money in light of ever-increasing grocery bills and have a garden ready to host beyond the festive season.


You’ve been putting this little project off long enough and now’s the perfect time to work through all that clutter you’ve been avoiding. Take the time to give those cupboards a good spring clean, clearing out those unnecessary trinkets, neglected toys and clothes you haven’t worn in years. Once you’ve sorted through everything, consider making a donation to a nearby children’s home or shelter – it’s an easy and fulfilling way to give back this festive season.

Go out!

Take advantage of the plentiful events happening in your city throughout December, and treat yourself and the family to something a little special. From ice shows to plays, markets to outdoor events, there’s something for everyone during December. So make sure to check your local listings and explore your town like never before. You might just discover new spots you didn’t know about.

Book in some downtime

Nothing like an empty social calendar to give you the perfect excuse to get stuck in a great book, a luxury that busy schedules sometimes force to the backburner. Why not reward yourself with a few days from your stay-cation by simply staying in and poring through the pages of the novels you’ve been meaning to read – it’ll help to clear your head and leave you relaxed, refreshed and ready to tackle the New Year head on.

Plan ahead

Choosing a stay-cation not only allows you to avoid the traditional holiday rush, but it also allows you to dodge the back-to-school crowds more effectively. While your counterparts are catching their breath and nursing burnt skins, you can get a head start on 2017 stocking up on all the kids’ stationery and uniforms before the year is out. You can organise your personal admin and plan your budget for 2017, even though you're stuck at home. It’s a great feeling to start a new year relaxed and organised.

While you’re in that stay-cation mode and got the spirit of getting your home ready for 2017 flowing, remember to give your insurance policy a quick review - just in case there are items that you discovered during the decluttering that either need to be removed or added. If you do happen to do any major renovations to your home, it would be wise to revaluate the possible new value so as to adjust it on your insurance policy to reflect the new replacement value.

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