Tips to spending time with your family that won’t break the bank

We know how busy life can get; sometimes it gets so busy that we barely have enough hours to spend quality time with our loved ones. Family is important, so in the free time that you do get to spend time with them – make sure that it’s special. 

Here are some tips for spending time with your family that won’t cost you an arm and a leg. The best things in life are free, after all! 

Cook together

Sometimes cooking may feel like a chore, but when you have your family helping you, it can quickly become an event to look forward to. This is the opportunity for you to teach your children how to cook and be independent. Cooking is also educational, as children can practice and learn skills like measuring items, reading recipes and following directions. 

Simple tasks that your children can do are washing vegetables, cracking eggs or stirring ingredients, and you can give them advanced tasks as they get older. During this time, you can catch up with them and bond. 

Have a movie night

You can’t go wrong with a movie night! Turn the lights down low and the volume up high and sit back, relax and enjoy what’s playing. Prepare some snacks like popcorn, sweets, peanuts and potato chips to keep your taste buds busy - and don’t forget to include drinks too.

Try to choose a movie that will appeal to the whole family – you may have to have a selection of movies lined up so that everyone can vote.    


Reading to your children is not only a good way to spend time with them, but it’s also a great way to promote their future reading ability. When you read to your children while they’re still young, they’re likely to grow into the habit of reading as they get older and that can open unlimited doors of opportunities for your children. Reading out loud to your children also strengthens their imagination and increases attention span. 

Have a picnic at home

We know that eating at home every day can get boring, which is why some people choose to occasionally eat out with their family. But if we’re being frank, eating out as a family can be quite pricey – which is why this activity is so ideal.

Prepare some sandwiches, fish fingers, eggs and fruits and vegetables so that your family has a wide range of foods to choose from. Set up a blanket in your backyard, play some music, and you have a lovely picnic that everyone can enjoy without breaking the bank. 

What all these tips have in common is that they can all be done at your house. We know how much you love it there, which is why it’s important for you to have home insurance to protect your belongings should anything happen to them. If your home isn’t insured, get an insurance quote from MiWay today and live your way!

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