5 ways cellphones aid road safety

They beep, buzz and ring – whether it’s a phone call or a Twitter notification, our mobile phones have become our very miniature and convenient connection to the rest of the world.

If you take a moment to look around you right this moment, you will most probably notice someone who has a mobile device in their hand or who just put one down. The world is become more and more digital, and one almost can’t begin to imagine a life without a cell phone. They keep us connected to the rest of the world; and we scream, cuss and cry should anything happen to our source of connection to what’s out there.

When it comes to certain situations, such as road safety or handling heavy machinery, it is always advised to steer clear of the use of cell phones. However, with all the cons that are always brought up, we tend to forget the bright side of having these nifty devices with us at all times.

Here are some examples on how cell phones can play a positive role in your safety on the road:

  • Convenient travelling: These days, you don’t really need a physical map anymore because you can use your mobile device to plan your trip and navigate your way to your destination safely. From your smart phone GPS system, you can get turn-by-turn directions and real time traffic information. No more getting lost and landing up in dodgy areas …
  • Mobile panic button: When it comes to road safety, your cell phone has you covered – help is simply a phone call away. With all types of dangers lurking around the corner, we can be at ease when we are on the road knowing that we have a quick and immediate connection to our loved ones or emergency services in the palm of our hands (hopefully not while you’re driving). Just be sure to keep your phone charged to ensure peace of mind should an emergency situation arise.
  • Accurate and speedy information at your fingertips: Cell phones have earned their stripes as valuable devices. Should you find yourself in an accident situation – whether as a victim, witness or cause – you are able to not only call for help, but get the necessary information on the spot. With nifty apps such as the MiWay App, you have great features that will help you get through the process with added peace of mind.
  • Your very own location device: Emergency services can use cellular technology to determine your exact location in an emergency situation. Not knowing where you are doesn’t only come with getting your directions mixed up - some situations can throw you off and leave you dazed – but your cell phone technology has got you covered!
  • Immediate alert device: If you happen to witness an accident, a crime, or any abnormal activity that puts others at risk, you are able to alert the authorities and call for help using your cell phone on the spot. Most of us these days have phones with cameras - with this feature you can simply snap all the evidence at the scene.

In as much as we’ve shown you the positive side of having your phone with you while you’re on the road, we’re not condoning the use of cell phones while driving.

Keep your eyes on the road and off that chat screen…


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