Being strapped up ain't so bad!

Let’s be real, many of us still don’t like the idea of being strapped to our seats as we cruise down the road… but can you imagine the repercussions of not doing so and finding yourself recovering from collision-related injuries that could have been prevented or avoided? Truth is, the function of seat belts is still widely misunderstood in this day and age.

Ever made the mistake of putting your seat belts behind you and sitting closer to the steering wheel? Or not sitting upright when driving? These actions cheat the seat belt of its primary function – preventing you from flying through the windscreen or smashing against the dashboard in the event of an impact.

Seat belts aren’t just for saving lives, they are also there to prevent you from other minor injuries - and sometimes a fine.

Here’s why cool people wear seat belts:

  • It’s the law! First things first, before we even get too deep into it, do you really want to be breaking the law over something as small and easy to do as wearing a seat belt? We don’t think you really want to be busted for such a petty crime and find yourself digging into your wallet unnecessarily… so do the right thing and obey the law – buckle up!
  • No annoying sounds! Buckling up as you get into the car means you don’t have to deal with the annoying beeping warning sound that reminds you to wear your seat belt. Who wants to drive with a constant beep? Is going to the effort of buckling your seat belt behind you less of an effort than buckling it correctly? No, so buckle up!
  • Your airbags won’t fully come to the party! Yep, not wearing your seat belt makes your airbags less beneficial. They are designed to pop out and save you from more damaging impact by protecting your body, but if you’re not buckled up, who knows what position you will end up in and where the airbag will strike? This could also harm you instead of saving you if you’re not in the correct sitting position.
  • Glass + pavement + skin = not friends! Glass and pavement are not the new skin enhancing product, don’t force them to be! Buckling up will prevent you from flying through your windscreen and meshing with the pavement when your car comes to a sudden halt. Prevent a forced glass and pavement relationship with your body – buckle up!
  • The consequences are grim…To put it bluntly, wearing your seat belt will prevent you from being a statistic of non-seat belt wearing fatalities. Also, whether the accident was your fault or not, not wearing a seat belt may get you into additional trouble with authorities – and yes, not wearing a belt can be picked up in many ways. Lessen the nightmare and wear your seat belt - you will thank yourself when you don’t have to deal with all the added consequences.

Being strapped up is really not as bad as it sounds (or even feels at times) when you think of the safety benefits it has with regards to your body – it will possibly save your life!

Wearing a seat belt is about more than just you, it also affects the people who care about you – show them you care and arrive alive.

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