Don't panic! Emergency vehicles on the way

Safe driving is about more than just having control over your vehicle – you have to be aware of your environment and any sudden actions you may have to take. Often times, these sudden actions involve accidents – be it avoiding one or making way for an emergency vehicle rushing to an accident scene.

As a driver, hearing those sirens can send shivers down your spine and cause you to panic – conversely, if you’re the one involved in the accident, it will bring a sigh of relief. Emergency vehicles need to make it to the scene as soon as possible – within the “Golden Hour” – as the first hour after an accident is the difference between life and death for crash victims. This scenario leaves rescuers with about 12 minutes to extricate the wounded and get them comprehensive medical care

So next time you hear emergency sirens, don’t panic or hog the road – make way and help them save the lives of those in the accident ahead of you.

Here are five safe driving tips to help you deal with emergency vehicles on the road:

  1. Do not panic! Identify where the emergency vehicle is coming from, and plan your next move.
  2. Do not slam on your brakes. Stopping abruptly threatens the safety of not only the emergency vehicle, but also other road users. Maintain your speed and move out of the way as soon as you can safely do so.
  3. Give way. If the vehicle is behind you, move to the left (where safe) and when the emergency vehicle starts to overtake slow down to let them pass. You are obliged by law to give way, so don't hog the lane in defiance.
  4. Keep focused. Many road users, when approaching the scene of an accident are distracted, causing rubbernecking and dangerous traffic situations.
  5. Avoid making sudden movements. Once the emergency vehicle has passed, keep an eye on your rear and side view mirrors – there may be more response vehicles heading your way.

Following these tips will help you make way in a safe manner and avoid creating another emergency situation as a result of making the wrong moves. In some cases, when you are involved in an accident, you may not always be able to call for help due to injury or having lost your phone. Today’s road safety statistics mean that you simply cannot afford to go without MiWay’s Emergency Alert service! If you had an emergency or a loved one was in peril, wouldn’t you want emergency services to reach the scene as quickly as possible?  

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