Get road-trip-ready!

It’s that time of the year where we are counting down the days and ticking off the checklist to make sure we’re all sorted for the long awaited trip. As exciting as a road trip may sound, it can be very tiring too – especially for the driver.

After the anticipation has worn off and you have been on the road for a couple of hours, fatigue starts setting in and you’ve sung your way through the playlist three times already… now what?

The last thing you want to come between you and your destination is an unfortunate incident. We’ve put together a quick road trip safety list to get you sorted before you hit the road, help you stay on high spirits throughout the journey and to reach your destination safely.

Here’s how to keep the road trip excitement going until you reach your destination – and, who knows, maybe even on the way back:

  • Rest up to gear up! Before you hit the road, it’s important that you get more than enough rest. As excited as you may be, your safety is important. Being well-rested will allow you to be more alert on the road without the dangers of fatigue sneaking in early on your trip.
  • Share your travel plans. We all have someone we trust very much, and if they aren’t coming with you on the trip, then they are the ones you should share your travel plans with. Leave a detailed travel itinerary and check in with them regularly so that someone knows your whereabouts and would be able to assist you should you need help sent out to you at any time.
  • Gear up correctly. Before you even think of starting the car and hitting the road, make sure you have the all the essentials checked and ready. Take your car in for a full inspection and roadworthy test, check your tyres, the oil and water – fill up if you need to – and remember make sure your spare tyre is fully inflated.
  • Got everything on your checklist packed? It’s easy to miss things while packing in excitement - that’s why having a checklist comes in handy. Before you jump into your car, make sure you’ve got everything you may need on the road – first aid kit, driver’s license, passports, border letters if you will be crossing the border (getting one has been made easier for MiWay clients – you can even do it on the App), and other essentials. Check out this awesome holiday checklist from
  • What’s a road trip without music?  Make sure your playlist is all set for the trip and all you need to do is press play. Get all your favourite sing-along tunes lined up to chase away the fatigue and keep the fun alive. Get the soothing music somewhere in there too; it will help you pace your driving and not tire quickly when you need to put the fast-paced beats on hold.
  • Padkos is simply a must! Another must when you are road tripping is snacks to munch on. Pack loads of water, juices and fruits. As nice as salty and sweet things are, too much of them will dehydrate you and cause you to slump faster. Having the right foods allows you to sustain energy longer, but don’t eat too much or drive too long on an empty stomach. Whatever you pack, make sure you have a good balance to keep everyone happy on the trip.
  • Stay on the right road. Plan your route before you get on the road and stick to it. This will also make it easier to get help should you need it at any point in your journey. It’s also very useful to take note of the places you pass, any road signs you may encounter and how long you’ve travelled since your last landmark – this will help you give the closest location should help need to be sent out to you.
  • Enjoy the drive! You’ve got the music, the food and hopefully the best company… the only thing left is to actually enjoy the drive and make memories on the journey. Don’t pressure yourself by timing yourself - allow yourself enough time to stop and stretch! You’re on holiday - take the drive with ease and don’t rush it. As tempting as speeding on an open highway may get, put your car on cruise control and enjoy the different scenery while avoiding speeding tickets. Don’t forget to open your window from time to time and smell the fresh air – it will also keep you awake.

A road trip is a great way to make memories and bond with those close to you. Make the most of the time together, drive carefully while obeying the road rules and arrive alive with these handy tips. Remember to check your insurance before you hit the road, and if you will be leaving the country be sure that you are covered where you are headed.


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