The Hazards of Doing Your Makeup While Driving

Yes ladies - we’re all either guilty of this, know someone who is, or have seen someone applying makeup to their face while in the car. We know it’s wrong; we know it’s distracted driving - and yet it still happens.

Here are some thoughts to reflect upon if you’re ever thinking of doing the same.

  • You could become a victim. The obvious danger of not noticing what’s happening around you makes you an easy target for opportunistic criminals who will think nothing of reaching through your window to grab your handbag while you’re busy with your fabulous face.
  • How embarrassing! Do you really want to be that person that holds everybody up when the light has been green for a while? Yup, just another side-effect of being distracted. Or worse, imagine being the only person not to have made way for an emergency vehicle - now you’re putting other’s lives at risk.
  • The collision factor. While we’re talking about putting lives at risk, don’t ever forget to factor in the possibility that you may need to brake or swerve in order to avoid a collision. Besides the obvious damage to your vehicle, you’re more than likely going to ruin your makeup. Or worse: you could pierce yourself in the eye with your mascara wand, causing serious injury. It’s also possible that your car insurance may not cover you if it’s found that you were driving recklessly.
  • Oops, missed a spot! Whether you use your rearview mirror or the sun visor’s mirror, there’s a possibility that you’ll miss a key area that needs blending. Also, if you’re distracted, you may even forget to apply mascara to the other eye, leaving you looking a little… one-sided.

Our advice to you this Women’s Month: Take a few extra minutes to finish your look at home. You’ll arrive at your destination safely - and looking fabulous!

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