Buildings Insurance

Lightning may not strike twice but once is more than enough, especially if it’s your electrics, gate motor or pool pump that pays the price.

As for flooding, or water damage caused by a burst water main or a burst geyser, keeping your head above water when disaster strikes can be tough, unless you’ve got Buildings (Homeowner’s) Insurance, which is where MiWay comes in.

Why choose MiWay's Buildings Insurance?

MiWay’s Buildings Insurance (MiPlace) covers the permanent structures on your property as well as all permanent fixtures, fittings and improvements to your property, including your borehole and swimming pool pumps as well as underground pipes and cables forming part of your building.

Buildings Insurance (sometimes called Homeowner’s Insurance or Houseowner’s Insurance) covers you for your house in the unfortunate event of:

  • Fire damage due to an electrical short or a lightning strike
  • Water damage due to a water main burst or a leaking or burst geyser
  • A damaged gate motor or pool pump due to lightning strike
  • Loss or damage caused by water supply tanks, cisterns, heating installations and water pumps, which form a permanent part of your building, and
  • Loss or damage of a thatch roof property providing there is a SABS-approved lightning conductor installed on the premises

How do I get my building insured?

The Buildings Insurance process starts with you, the home owner, completing an insurance quote with MiWay – either online or telephonically. Assuming you find the premium affordable (which we are sure you will!) you agree to a start date for your new cover. 

MiWay will send you your documentation including a Coversheet (Policy schedule), which spells out the terms of your insurance policy and explains everything you need to know regarding your policy and car insurance in general.

Please remember to comply with any requirements (documents required, etc.) as this will influence whether you would enjoy insurance cover or not.

Why choose MiWay's Buildings Insurance? 

  • Affordable premiums, low flat excess
  • Fix your premiums for a period of 36 months! 
  • By simply applying for and taking out your buildings insurance policy online, MiWay will pay you an average full month's premium after 3 months full premiums are received. **
  • Award-winning, customer service and a hassle free claims process – you can even manage the process online!
  • Free Household Emergency Assistance
  • Alternative accommodation should your building be unfit to live in following an incident *

* Terms & Conditions apply.
** Online Terms & Conditions apply.

Additional Home Insurance Options

If you’re concerned about the additional risk imposed on your home when you leave it unoccupied during your holidays or business trips, contact us by logging into MiXpress or by giving us a call on 0860 64 64 64.

» For more information, consult our policy wording.

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