Insurance for your home and its contents

Insure your home and its contents with MiWay

Lightning strikes, fires start, geysers burst unexpectedly, stuff gets stolen and things get broken. At MiWay we know you can’t predict the future, but we can make sure you’re covered for both the natural disasters - and the not so natural ones too.

It’s not an issue of whether or not you’ll need Home and Contents Insurance, it’s an issue of having the cover WHEN you need it most. From Buildings (Homeowner’s) Insurance  to Contents Cover  (for tenants and homeowners) and even All Risk Insurance, look no further than MiWay to cover your house and the things that make it a home.

The bottom line? You can’t afford not to have Home Insurance.

Why choose MiWay for your Home Insurance cover?

  • Affordable premiums, low flat excess
  • Earn rewards and save on joining fees by buying your home insurance online
  • Great customer service and a hassle-free claims process  – you can even manage the process online!
  • Household Emergency Assistance

What is the difference between Contents Insurance and All Risk Insurance?

Contents Insurance covers all your personal possessions inside your home, for example, your television, hi-fi, kitchen appliances, furniture etc.

All Risk Insurance covers all your personal possessions that are portable; like laptop computers, electronic notebooks, iPhones, smartphones, iPods, cellphones, sunglasses and other items that go where you go.