Business Interruption Insurance

Let your business carry on as usual…

Having your business operations interrupted is a huge inconvenience, not to mention a costly one, as your turnover is affected – but we have your back!

Business Interruption insurance will cover you for the financial losses you may suffer due to an interruption in business (for example, a natural disaster or fire at your business premises).

For an additional premium, you can choose to be covered for a higher limit or for a longer period. Choose from the following cover:

  • Fixed expenses (ongoing costs to continue running the business despite a drop in revenue, such as salaries, rent, etc.)
  • Loss of operating profit (the policyholder's earnings before tax, interest and depreciation)
  • Additional working expenses (expenses incurred for the business to remain operational and minimise the loss in turnover such as the rental of temporary premises, overtime payment of staff, etc.)

If you'd like more cover, choose from these optional add-on products:

  • Public services and telephone connections (cover for an unforeseen interruption in water, sewerage, gas and electricity supply as well as damage to physical telephone or data connections between the insured building and the public supply or main connection)
  • Prevention of access (cover for damage caused to any property that is within a 10km radius of the insured building which prevents or hinders access to your premises)
  • Specified suppliers / sub-contractors (cover for material damage experienced by the policyholder arising from damage to the suppliers and/or sub-contractor's premises, which prevents them from delivering products or services to the policyholder)

* Terms and conditions apply to all products, services and benefits. Get in touch with us or refer to our policy wording for more details.