Insurance for Special Purpose Vehicles

Whether you call them yellow metals, plant and machinery, or special purpose vehicles, MiWay Business Insurance offers you specialised cover for these work horses.

It doesn’t matter how big or small your special purpose vehicle is; let MiWay Business be your partner in protecting the heart of your business.  With affordable and competitive cover, you can help ensure that your business is on its way to better profits!

Specialised cover available to protect your special purpose vehicles (SPV):

  • Towing & recovery. We will recover the SPV on-site should something happen to it and then transport it to a repairer;
  • Emergency repairs is vital for your business to carry on – we have you covered;
  • Emergency assistance following a breakdown (similar to the roadside assistance on vehicles);
  • We can arrange installation of dust & waterproof robust tracking devices to enable the owner to geo-fence his plant and ensure that it only operates on the site where it is supposed to.

Terms and conditions apply to all products, services and benefits. Get in touch with us or refer to our policy wording for more details.